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Window StylesAt Surber’s Windows and Doors, we enjoy being able to provide our customers with a wide range of options. Our premium vinyl windows by Target Windows & Doors can be customized in many ways and are available in a number of different window styles, so you’ll be able to find the perfect solution for any room.

Which Window Styles Will You Choose for Your Home?

Some window styles work better in particular applications, while others are better suited to certain architectural characteristics of a home. Whether you are looking to replace just a few of your home’s windows or it’s time to upgrade them all, a window replacement project is the perfect opportunity to consider your options.


Double-hung windows are among the most common window styles. They feature two sashes, both of which can slide open vertically. Their classic look works well in virtually any room, and the operation of the sashes allows for versatility with ventilation.


Sliding windows push open horizontally, with the sash gliding along tracks that run across the top and bottom of the frame. It’s a great option in applications where a hinged sash or crank-turn handle might not be practical.


Picture windows have a fixed frame and feature a large, single glass pane. They allow for an expansive, unobstructed view of the outdoors and for abundant natural light to enter the home. They can be installed on their own or combined with other window styles flanking them on the sides.

Bay and Bow

Bay and bow windows both comprise multiple windows installed together, projecting from the home to form a panoramic, open view. While bay windows typically connect at angles, bow windows are connected to form more of a curving arc. These window styles can be used to create unique nooks inside the home, and they also add a creative architectural element to a home’s exterior.


Casement windows are hinged vertically and swing open by turning a crank-style handle. They are easy to operate, allow for full ventilation, and provide a nice, clear view.


Awning windows are hinged horizontally, along the top of the window, and swing outward to open. This allows for ventilation even on rainy days. Awning windows can be used on their own, but are also commonly paired with other window styles for additional ventilation, light, and architectural interest.

Special Shapes

Surber’s windows are even available in special shapes, including octagon, half round, oval, diamond, and more. Specially shaped windows allow for seemingly endless design possibilities and are ideal for complementing unique architectural elements.

Contact the experts at Surber’s Windows and Doors to learn more about the various window styles we have available for your upcoming window replacement project. Our talented team will be happy to help you find the right options to suit your home as well as your personal preferences.

“Words can not begin to tell you how pleased we are. The Windows are beautiful. The service absolutely the best. Comparing Surber's with the other three we spoke with, you are outstanding.”

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“"Words can not begin to tell you how pleased we are. The Windows are beautiful. The service absolutely the best. Comparing Surber's with the other three we spoke with, you are outstanding..."”

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